Breezing up north

The eighth of January was rainy and I spent much of it crying as the boyfriend and I parted ways. The gloomy weather seemed to complement and soothe my mood (I’m sure, however, that my parents disagree) and I cried with the skies as we drove from Isfiya to Akko, which I had been dying to visit for a long while. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions we only had time to pop into the Old City for an afternoon visit, much of which we spent exploring the excavations of medieval buildings that belonged to the Knights Templar. We enjoyed it thoroughly, and for me there was a certain satisfaction in being alone (I moved off from the parents for a bit and did my own exploration) or on the phone to my best friend who was doing his utmost to cheer me up.

Following that, we entered Old Akko proper and wandered through the market place looking for certain landmarks and historical sites and – to my mother’s great frustration – failing to find them. It was a grey and windy day, so we stepped beyond the walls and by the sea. The hard-hitting spray and strong wings resulted in us quickly stepping back to protect our cameras and find a place where I could grab a hummus sandwich before heading back to the car and driving up to Rosh Hanikra.  Continue reading