Israel Social Justice Protests

The longer I’m here, the more accustomed I become to daily life in Israel. I no longer think everything I do is fascinating, I no longer feel the urge to blog about my daily doings which were so exciting at first. I guess this means perhaps my blog will be getting more interesting as from now on I will likely only be writing about eventful experiences. We shall see. Everything is still touch-and-go.

This past Saturday was the biggest protest the Israeli social justice movement (the tent protests I have mentioned previously are part of the same movement) has seen so far. Over 400,000 people across the country attended the protests, and though numbers for individual cities have not been released, the crowd in Tel Aviv was the biggest I’ve ever seen or been a part of in my life. Continue reading


The Israeli life

I’m always astounded by how eventful my daily life here is. Perhaps I was exceptionally lazy in Montreal, or perhaps all the homework from class ensured that I didn’t have much spare time. Or most likely, it was the limiting (and long) winters. In any case, I think since my arrival I haven’t had one boring, uneventful week here… and this week certainly was no exception.

On Tuesday night I met with a lovely friend for dinner and a walk along the previously mentioned housing protest on Rothschild Boulevard. I was amazed at how much it had expanded since the last time I went. It had almost doubled. There were various locations with artists performing live music and giant screens had been rigged and people were watching television and documentaries together under the trees. It sounds lovely and romantic, but in reality, it’s not all fun and games in Tel Aviv’s absurd heat and humidity. Continue reading

Too much to say…

First and foremost, Ramadan karim to all my Muslim friends and anyone reading this blog. August is an insanely hot month everywhere I’ve lived – be in Indonesia, Israel or Canada – and I wish you all a good month and please, stay indoors as much as possible!

Now, it’s always daunting writing a post after such a long hiatus. I feel that if I update too often, my posts aren’t interesting; but if I don’t update often enough I end up with massively long posts, just like this one promises to be. Continue reading

Another weekend, another trip to Jerusalem

I have to say it. Jerusalem might just be the best city in the world. For the most part, I’ve been nonchalant about my stay in Israel. I’ve been enjoying my internship, learning a lot and taking advantage of being in Israel to travel on the weekends. Then yesterday, when I realized there might be a problem extending my visa, I was sad… The sadness took me completely by surprise. When did I start deciding I wanted to be here? And then I realized, it was after my first trip to Jerusalem.

An acquaintance of mine here wrote a blogpost about Jerusalem, comparing the city to a girl you don’t notice at first, but as soon as you do, you’re in love. He is absolutely right. I agree. You know that feeling you get when you have a crush on someone? When an interest is starting to develop and all you can think of is that person? When thinking of the person and the next time you will see him/her you get butterflies in your stomach? That is how I feel about Jerusalem. The rest of Israel has been eclipsed by Jerusalem. Before, there were 101 sites I wanted to see, now there’s just one: Jerusalem. Maybe I’ll get bored of it in time, used to it, but for the time being I am in love with Jerusalem. Continue reading

Camping and Palestine

The banks here in Israel suck. I’m just saying. When you withdraw cash you can’t even choose which account to take it from (Canadian chequing, Canadian savings, US savings). Come on. That’s the most basic thing in Canadian banking. Anyway, as a result I was left extremely upset and frustrated on Thursday afternoon and I was exceptionally angry. I hate having to think/worry about money. The boyfriend was kind enough to let me wake him up at 6:30am and vent to him. I do love him.

Thursday evening I hopped on the bus to Herzliya to meet Beny (aka couchsurfing respondant 1) to go camping on the beach near Kibbutz Magan Michael (I think that’s how it’s spelled) for some couchsurfing event. The beach was absolutely beautiful (photos next post, I promise!) and we slept out in the sand in sleeping bags (half my face is covered in mosquito bites). There was an eclectic mix of people there – some of the couchsurfers were very nice, others were extremely weird. My favourites were the young guys doing ulpan at the kibbutz, most of whom weren’t couchsurfers. Overall though, I can say I really went for the scenery. Oh, and of course, being me, I forgot the jacket that the boyfriend gave me before I left Canada on the beach there. Luckily the organizer found it and I should have it back next week. Continue reading