About me

Everyone sounds surprised when I tell them I live in Jordan.

“Do you have to cover your head when you go out?”

“Are you allowed to leave home without a man?”

This blog chronicles my experiences and explorations of Jordan (for now), hoping to highlight to family and friends the many wonders this underappreciated country has to offer. It is simply a collection of things that interest me, a record of places I’ve enjoyed, a resource I can turn back to. A journal of my travels.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your mother. whom I knew at school from the age of 14, told me about your blog. I, although only half-jewish, was an ardent zionist [when zionism was also socialist] and spent time in Israel. I think what you are doing to bring israelis and palestinians together is absolutely marvellous. I nearly fell off my chair when I found Sarah on fb this morning. It had been two years since i last saw her there. I look forward to following your blog.
    Daniel Gerroll

  2. Dear Xiomara
    Very interesting experience you are living…. this part of the world is so difficult to understand and I beleive WE (the West) are responsible for this mess from the start so it would only be fare to help peace come back…if possible. I called my daughter Dunja Jessica one arab name and one jewish name because I hope that one day a rainbow will join these people back together still allowing them to keep their own identity. Kee smiling Xio and see you sometime!
    Corinne Vullliemin

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