Secret Museums: Al Ahli Bank Numismatic Museum

One of the great things about teaching is that I get to see places I wouldn’t otherwise find or visit through field trips. As I am currently teaching my students about the history of money, our last field trip was to Al Ahli Bank’s Numismatic Museum.

The bus took us to the bank, where we climbed two or three flights of stairs up to the small, one-room museum. There is an enormous amount of information crowded into that tiny room (a little like the museum at the Citadel), with an impressive collection of ancient coins from both the Greek and Roman empires as well as a number of Islamic civilizations.

The caretakers of the museum are lovely. The children were provided with a guided tour and plied with juice and biscuits afterwards. As for me, I wandered around because the tour was in Arabic.

It is a pity that almost all the information provided is in Arabic. There is very little you can glean by just looking around and speaking only  English; yet another example, I believe, of how much Jordan has to offer with a little bit of help to market its treasures to the world and the many visitors that come through Amman.


Without information in English, I can’t know exactly what I’m looking at.



An image of the only coin bearing the name of Jerusalem (al-Quds) on it.


Ancient keys and other stuff (no information in English!)




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