Feeling VIP: Legacy at the home of the American Consul in Jerusalem

Wednesday evening I got a message from a good friend of mine in Jerusalem telling me about some sort of event at the home of the American Consul in Jerusalem that had to do with the an American, a Palestinian and an Israeli band. “Come, my brother is performing and I asked him to make sure we could come too. It’s the kind of thing you’d like,” he insisted, so I dutifully cancelled my evening plans and caught the first sherut to Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, I met with the members of the Palestinian band Eurasica (who I had seen perform in Taybeh and are surprisingly good) and we headed over to the home of the American Consul. It was lovely inside, spacious with an interesting group of people. I’m still unsure of how to go about networking and striking up conversation with people I don’t know, but I did get to have two interesting conversations with people there.

When the American band, Legacy, arrived, the party congregated in the living room and watched them perform. They were really great, with wonderful vocals, impressive rap, and great beats. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wish there was more information about them online. Following their performance, Eurasica took to the space with some of the members of Legacy and a guy who played some great drums. They improvised together, which was also lovely.

Throughout the rest of the evening, Eurasica and an Israeli singer/songwriter performed for us, followed by another man singing covers of old rock songs, which was great fun.

The night ended, as all good nights in Israel/Palestine do – with falafel at a place on the French Hill (not French Hill Falafel,  the place just below it) and a late night sherut back to Tel Aviv so I could catch some sleep before work the following morning.


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