Israel Social Justice Protests

The longer I’m here, the more accustomed I become to daily life in Israel. I no longer think everything I do is fascinating, I no longer feel the urge to blog about my daily doings which were so exciting at first. I guess this means perhaps my blog will be getting more interesting as from now on I will likely only be writing about eventful experiences. We shall see. Everything is still touch-and-go.

This past Saturday was the biggest protest the Israeli social justice movement (the tent protests I have mentioned previously are part of the same movement) has seen so far. Over 400,000 people across the country attended the protests, and though numbers for individual cities have not been released, the crowd in Tel Aviv was the biggest I’ve ever seen or been a part of in my life.

It was a wonderful occasion. My friend and I were both suffering from headaches so we only stayed an hour and a half, pushing our way through suffocating crowds of people. I could not believe the numbers, it was huge. And people just kept streaming in. From everywhere. It took my friend and I a good half hour to fight through the crowds of people and even when we finally were able to breathe and move our arms (okay, I exaggerate just a little) we continued to pass streams of people heading to the protest.

Well done Israelis. I hope you get the change you want… and a better government.



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