King George and other things…

Last week, I mentioned that there’s barely a boring week her. It seems I spoke too soon. Not that I had a boring week per say, but definitely a lot less eventful. I saw some friends (really, such lovely girls), made a new friend, climbed the breakers of Jaffa Port again, and wished my beloved boyfriend a happy 25th birthday.

I was supposed to visit Bethlehem last weekend, but was stood up. To be honest, I’m not that surprised, but I was very frustrated. And because of Shabbat, I couldn’t leave on Saturday because there are no sherut (mini-van buses that run on Shabbat) by my house to take me to the central bus station. In any case, I did what I haven’t done in a long time – I spent a lazy weekend on my sofa eating, watching TV and talking to my boyfriend.

The true reason for this post is to review a restaurant/bar I visited last night with my new friend. The restaurant’s name is King George and it’s on… well… King George St. (Hamelech George in Hebrew). We went quite late, around 8:30pm on a Tuesday, and there was a line-up to get it. After giving our names to the door-lady and waiting a few minutes, we were seated at the bar (next to an Israeli girl who was shocked I’m from French-Canada because I’m not black and “it’s mostly black people who speak French in Canada”) and ordered from a very friendly barman.

I had the rose pasta and my friend had a beer and pasta with sweet potatoes. I didn’t taste hers, but mine was good – not excellent, a little too sweet to be excellent, but good. The service was fast, music loud and fun, the bartenders were dancing while working, and apparently the booze is super cheap. It was a great ambience and definitely somewhere I’d love to go back to – and it was light on the wallet (my meal was 37 shekels including tip, that’s a little over CAD10).

So if you’re young and want a cool, chill place to kick back where the crowd is really friendly and nice… King George. Oh, King George also keeps serving food until about 3am.


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