Independence Day?

I don’t really know what Israel is celebrating independence from… but it’s not my place to be critical. When I know more about the Jewish/Israeli psyche, then maybe I’ll pass judgement.

My Canadian friends might find this funny – especially ex-roommate from Ottawa (I miss you, by the way). Yesterday, a friend’s father introduced me to someone (name: Shlomy. I love Israeli names) and said “she’s Canadian.” His response? “You can’t be Canadian! I don’t see any maple leaves on you!! Let me see your bag! Nope! No maple leaves! You’re not Canadian!”

I had another interesting encounter today. Sitting on the promenade reading (The Missing Peace – homework from work) I saw two guys struggling to get a kite up into the air. My kite-flying advice (yes, I do know a little bit about flying a kite) was immediately followed with an invitation to a party. It literally went:
Me – I laughed at your struggle
Guy – Ha ha. We’re going to a party tonight, would you like to come?

I declined. I’m still a little too shy to go somewhere with people I don’t know who all know each other and speak a language I don’t know. Maybe in time. Just not right at this time.

Anyway, I sat on the promenade and read for a couple of hours. This was my view.


2 thoughts on “Independence Day?

  1. haha maple leafs.. you should follow that up by going ‘eh?’ yes cliche overdose i know but cant help it… well keep us informed about how the trip is going?btw hows the food there?

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